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Intro to Partner Stretching & Thai Massage

Middle Rogue Farm

2315 Upper River Rd. Loop
Grants Pass, OR 97526

Saturday, June 13th 9:30-2:30

Sliding Scale $35-$70 (20% of profits donated to Rogue Valley Farm to School)

Thai Yoga Massage is the union of massage, yoga, acupressure, and sen (energy) line work that stimulates the bodies natural healing process. This modality has been practiced in Thailand for centuries and is based on the Traditional Medicine practices of India, China & SE Asia. Thai massage moves the recipient through a series of yoga like postures to lengthen muscles, mobilize joints and improve the flow of energy. You and a practice partner will learn to give a simple massage using Thai techniques as well as stretches that benefit both partners simultaneously.

This event will be held at the beautiful working organic farm and community space of Middle Rogue Farm in Grants Pass, OR. Middle Rogue farm will be providing lunch for the class using farm fresh organic produce!



*Please wear comfortable loose fitting or stretchy clothing that allows for full range of motion.

*This is a beginner class and does not require prior experience.

* Partner is not required.

*In an effort to make this affordable, the price is sliding scale. Please pay what your budget allows.



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