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What is Thai Massage?

Thai Massage also known as Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Yoga Therapy, and Nuad Boran is a traditional massage modality native to Thailand. It is an ancient practice that has been handed down by Thai healers for many generations. It combines principles from India, China, and indigenous Thai traditions.

The massage is based on clearing and creating movement in the energy pathways known as Sen lines. This is done through applying acupressure along each  pathway as well as yoga-like stretches (done for the client by the therapist) and joint mobilzations. It is often described as "having someone do yoga for you."

Thai Massage is practiced on comfortable mats on the ground, fully clothed and with no use of oils. This allows for the therapist to use good body mechanics and apply their full weight when desired. Massage can include pressure using thumbs, fingers, palms, elbows, forearms, knees and feet.

A Traditional Holistic Massage will always begin by working through the Sen lines on the feet and legs and then move into streches and joint mobilizations. It is important to start here to make sure the client is warmed up before doing any advanced stretching.

Like yoga, calm rhythmic breathing helps to relax the client into the stretches while creating a flow to the massage. When the therapist is able to sync with the rhythm of the client's breath it will maximize the benefit of each stretch allowing for a full release.

Thai Massage is appropriate for any age, fitness or flexibility level. The holistic nature of the massage makes it ideal for clients dealing with a wide range of health issues, not limited to problems in the muscles & joints. 

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